I go for a walk in nature to be in deep silence

Monday, May 22, 2023

The time I confess I go for a walk in nature to HEAR sounds of mother nature.

It's the silence that I look forward to when I go out walking in nature. It's not that the world becomes silent, it's the need for verbalizing on my part that I get to rest from that makes walking in nature by myself a real treat. 

Silence in nature isn't empty silence. It's a vibrant one. Instead of my mouth and other familiar mouths talking, I get to take in the sounds of nature and of other unfamiliar mouths speaking in languages I may or may not able to decipher. I love it when I fail to comprehend the language because then I get to focus on something that's energetic about that person or group of persons. 

When I walk in nature by myself in my sweet silence, the natural world outside opens up her arms and instead of being a full bloated vessel of thoughts, ideas and all that noise, I become quiet and let nature empty me out of my self. Looking at all the luscious green in all its different shades from various plants, trees and foliage is very comforting. Then there's the wonderful wind. These days, the transitory monsoon breeze puts a lift in my spirit. 

The scents of open nature brings a whole lot of space within that I feel myself relax and let go of aches and constrictions that dwell in my body as I breathe in and out deeply. Walking, is never for the sake of walking whenever I engage in this almost mechanical activity. 

I let go my small self and step into a world of sensory delight, with every move forward. Thank you dear old legs for propelling me forward after all these years as I continuously fall in awe of the expanse of greenery, open skies and wondrous terrains my eyeballs are blessed to perceive.

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