I go for a walk in the garden to give my face a rest

Friday, May 26, 2023

I go for a walk in the garden to give my face a rest

The time I reveal a rare benefit of walking out in nature and it has to do with face resting.

Sometimes, all I need is time to wear a poker face while out walking. I don't want to feel like I have to make any facial expression for anyone and that is one of the rare benefits I completely appreciate when I go out in nature to walk. 

Mama nature doesn't care if I have my face game on in the form of makeup or a pleasant contortion. I have mentioned before that I have been blessed with an intense resting face and it used to be bothersome as I would feel the need to appear 'pleasant' to the outside world because for some reason I grew up with a very smiley upbringing.

When in nature, one can go about looking like whatever and I find that very liberating, calming and refreshing. To just leave my face be whatever it wants to be. To put away the 'mask' so to the speak, not the literal face diaper. That: I've done away with that a long while back as I love showcasing the lower part of my face to catch the breeze and sunshine. The feel of fabric catching on my sensitive face skin is a nuisance and I am glad to be rid of that darn piece of facial cloak. 

When I'm in my nature walking mode, I instantly feel the muscles of my face relaxing and it's an exquisite feeling. 

I feel free like a crow bird staring in the distance atop the branch of a palm leafage. I feel as deliberate as a curious squirrel being a menace on a branch of some other tree looking for a snack in the form of an unguarded nest of eggs. 

I feel as confident as a fat monitor lizard gliding across the luscious field of green with a naughty crow bird sniping at its long tail. 

You see, it's a nice feeling not to have to wear any expression on the face as I put my foot forward while breathing the sweet breeze on a toasty tropical evening. It's a face reset of sort. Have you experienced something like this while out walking in the green?

That's all for now, folks. Thank you for spending your time here! I really am blessed to have your readership. 

Let me know if there's a particular benefit that YOU associate with walking (if you walk) or any other form of outdoor activity that you enjoy. 

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