The case of walking on hot evenings

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The case of walking on hot evenings

The time I went for a hot evening brisk walk and drank green tea after to rehydrate.

These are some of the hottest days we've had after some cold that caught us off guard earlier in the year. Apparently, it's going to stay toasty. I don't mind hot weather as long as there is the opportunity to enjoy a cold shower, devour cold desserts and run into artificially cold environment till the heat lets up. I also love summer day dressing. I mean who doesn't love little airy clothing, free toes, arms and legs. Hahah.

Well, NOT exactly while brisk walking in the bushy green here in tropical Malaysia because I prefer a more covered look that's casual to avoid getting totally baked in the sun, bitten by hungry mosquitoes and other hangry critters that roam a toasty green space. I also prefer the look of long pants with tees and sometimes, sleeveless tops because my arms love to be free. 

Enough of that, let's talk about the outfit for my hot day walking.

I am a fan of walking with the umbrella because I have sensitive eyeballs. SPF, don't forget sunscreen. I use mine of the face and exposed arms. 

As I age, my eyeballs need more tender loving care so I'm always wearing some type of sunglasses along with the umbrella. It's actually a rare thing to see anyone with an umbrella unless you're the sun-sensitive sort of person but I love the sun! It's just that I just need it in certain amounts and not DIRECTLY. 

Sooo... hot day walking for me is all about getting under big trees and taking advantage of the shades they provide. On breezy days, there's a special aromatic forest scent that infuse the air when it's hot and I'm a fan of breathing deeply during such days. Of course, one may inhale a scent of decaying matter but that's life, I suppose. You can't do without the lovely aromas without the pungent ones. #lol

Anyways, that was what I wore during that fine toasty evening. Afterwards, I hydrated myself with a sugar free green tea that tasted like blended grass. I kind of like that taste. Hmm.

That's all for now folks. I will see you in the next one! Hopefully soon.

A gif to end this entry and a public health announcement for you to keep your hydration up on hot sizzling days and nights:


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