I laze around in a summer sundress feeling nostalgic

Monday, August 7, 2023

I laze around in a summer sundress feeling nostalgic

The time it is a black and white botanical summer dress weather plus my macramé jewelry game.

Hi folks. It's pretty nice and toasty this weekend here with gorgeous sun and soothing breeze. I am sure I have said this a billion times on the blog about the weather right now in old, small town Malaysia. 

Let me then tell you about our equally ancient, senior cat Aiden. He had a cheek swelling that's finally healing up after it'd burst one fine day. Since then, I have been spoiling him with lots of tender loving care and I'm happy to report our dear angel cat is doing mighty great (look at his sweet face below!).

As of present time, I'm just resting horizontally as I type on wondering if there's anything of interest to say. 

The weather is making me deliciously dazed. You know when you've spent it in the sun with swaying trees. My brain cells are feeling like they're swaying too. Can you relate? I'm NOT trying to be rude to readers from cold climes. I will gladly send some of this heat your way if that's your current wish (hehehe). 

Hello Germany! I see you visiting my blog. Thank you!

Green knot earrings by Fuzzy Knots


Let's talk about the outfit. The breezy dress is black and white and I wear a pair of black thong style sandals to complete the lazy summer evening look. 

Jewelry is in the form of macramé earrings, bracelets and anklets all handcrafted by my very creative mom! She'd just recently started her macramé knotting journey after being inspired by my bro's wife handiwork in weaving her macramé pot holders. Apparently, knotting can be addictive but I can't say that about myself as I'm more interested in wearing the jewelry than making them.

skinny green macrame knot bracelets

Some more pictures now, before I ramble on and on till the cows come home, chew grass and leave for the next field on their agenda. I'm making a joke here 😅

Slim green knot bracelets by Fuzzy Knots

More macramé goodness here:

green knot earrings by Fuzzy Knots

And colorful ankle bracelets for your summer ankle-flaunting adventures:

knot anklets by Fuzzy Knots

Well, that's all for now peeps. I'm really grateful for your visits here. I hope you're taking some time to get some sunshine and don't forget to stay hydrated if the sun's too much. 

Till the next one, be good to other humans! Do something nice just because. Stay fresh!

Follow Fuzzy Knots to give my mom's passion project your support, if you are into macramé knot jewelry. She'll be super thrilled to know that you are looking at what she's making! 

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