I sit on a boulder rock on a hill with the umbrella

Monday, August 14, 2023

I sit on a boulder rock on a hill with the umbrella

The time I went uphill and before heading down, I sat on a few boulder rocks.

Sometimes, the boulder rocks call me to linger about them just looking at the way they've been arranged in the park. I do get into a mood of walking on them like a carefree kid and at other times, I will find myself just sitting on a boulder rock looking far into the distance. 

It's refreshing up on the hill and the eucalyptus trees shed scents that go through my nostrils, invigorating the soul. There is something about the hill's breeze, it's just oh so fresh and special. 

The hill is very climbable and I'm glad that it's also guarded so there is a level of safety that you can be comfortable with when you're going up by yourself. Of course, nobody can save anybody from risky behaviors. I love the hills that look back from a distance but some have already been in the process of being lobbed off to make way for residential areas and what not. I hope this hill will still be around when my legs and lungs have aged with time.

Some little things I appreciate about walking up the hill:

Going up in elevation really pushes the lungs and legs. It feels great to move like this as I mostly sit and stare at the computer and the other screen.

I also appreciate how it gets delightfully quieter as I progressively go up. The silence is refreshing and has the capacity to putting things in perspective.

Looking down from the hill makes everything seem tiny. Tiny movements of tiny things. It's a treat to the eyeballs. Suddenly, the sense of self gets a little bit diffused and before you know it, you're just walking in meditation, feeling your limbs move as the breeze rustle through your hair and clothing.

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