I go for a brisk walk in a blue sporty top

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

I go for a brisk walk in blue sporty top

The time I wear a blue sporty top to go for a walk and share an idea of a meal, I'm about to cook up.

This top was gifted to me by my sis. It's quite the sporty blue and kind of perfect for a brisk walking type of evening. I paired it with a loose charcoal grey waffle-textured jogger pants. To complete the walking ensemble, I slipped my feet into the old dusty grey walking shoes that I've spruced up with candy purple laces I thrifted from the local home improvement store. 

To keep my usual essentials that are my ID and driving license cards plus keys and such including the smartphone, I have them all on my waist bag. To keep my sensitive eyeballs shaded as well as protected from a sudden gush of air that may carry particles that can enter the eyes, I wore some thrifted sunnies in retro brown tint and somewhat large square-ish construction.

That is all about the 'fit for walking, folks.

Let me now tell you what I will be cooking for dinner to nourish my cranky belly. I have not yet eaten anything of substance except for coffees and we know that ain't a food category. I am so into coffee that I might just do another one later with dark cocoa but perhaps, I should make tea, which I am already drinking right now so it's quite redundant. 

Anyways: about the menu for my dinner: I shall be cooking lamb with the bones and fat in tomato sauce seasoned with my favorite spices like cumin, paprika, coriander and a sprinkle of Italian herbs and nutmeg. I will fatten up the sauce with some butter/ghee and milk. I will also put in a tablespoon or two apple cider vinegar to pull out those yummy minerals from the bones of the lamb chop. I like cutting the meat up with a pair of scissors while it's cooking in the pot. A sprinkle of greens to top it all off: poh choy and coriander leafage, I think. Wait, there will be potatoes. How can I forget that! I might throw in a fist-amount of shell pasta. So, that's my idea of a meal tonight. Thinking of it is making my stomach growl. That's a good thing. I know I will devour every little piece of it and the bowl will be squeaky clean after.

A shot of a plate I inhaled before the second serving:

lamb pasta

What about you? What is your idea of a soul-satisfying meal that you would cook from scratch? Tell me below, please don't be shy. I like learning about what makes your tummy happy!



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