What I wear to go grab the best little citrus fruits

Saturday, September 16, 2023

The time I wear an eye-popping pink to go grab mini mandarin oranges from South Africa (at a Malaysian supermarket, lol).

I generally adore mandarin oranges but of late, I have been quite into Nadorcott oranges. They're so good as the taste profile is full bodied when it comes to the citrus' tanginess level. I'm used to the local sweet variety that's juicy but the African oranges really are something else if you're big on the 'sour' flavor. It's sour and sweet in the right balance that will jolt the brain cells right up. My mom and I are utter fans. 

In this picture, I happened to be at the ramen/pasta section. I have a thing for this section in the supermarket. Those condiments and sauces in jars are a sight to behold and I can spend quite a fantastic time reading the ingredient lists.

So, this was the outfit I wore to make a quick dash to the supermarket we first got acquainted with the gorgeous oranges. Super grateful the delectable tangerines were in stock and I quickly grabbed two packets of the stunning little citrus fruities.

I wore a thrifted magenta pink cardi over some ancient camo tank top and loose cotton pants with abstract leopard print. The cardigan is super soft and cozy. As it gets super cold in the mall in Malaysia when the AC is functioning (in max industrial capacity), it's key to bring an outerwear of choice that you can throw over at the last minute so you're able to weather that artificial chill.  

The silver slouchy bag is roomy so I tend to stash a lot of things inside it but I prefer the handle to be longer so that it's a distance away from being right under my arms. Because of the roomy pockets at the side and an overall sturdy and soft construction, I surprise myself by still using the bag.

Out of the mall, the weather's hot and humid, so you can set the cardi aside and carry on with less clothing. This is the brightest pink article of clothing I have. I often forget how pink it is because of how soft the material is as it's cashmere. I got it for a steal and am very glad I went for it!

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