There is a way of being with yourself when out walking...

Friday, October 6, 2023

There is a way of being with yourself when out walking...

The time my hair's down, it's hot out and refreshingly breezy so your guess is as good as mine: I take myself out for a walk!

Greetings peeps! How are you all doing?

I'm here yet again with another casual outfit for a tropical summer strolling in little town Malaysia. It's a combo of a tee and flowy leopard pants. Something so easy to wear when one is in the mood to greet the breeze, trees and birds and the bees.

The top and bottom are all of breathable cotton. I have a sport waist bag on, sunnies, macrame knot bracelets, heart hoop earrings and walking shoes. This outfit is what I gravitate towards when it's hot but breezy. 

Hair's down because there's a different kind of feeling when the breeze is able to pass through the strands and caress my heaty scalp and neck. During my last days of the hair looking ok, I tend to have it all up in a hair claw because it's not giving a cute hair look. I try to wash the hair after 3 days but on hot days, maximum is 2 days as it's just not cute to be walking around with an oily head of hairs.


The vibe is breezy and I'm ready to walk and walk till the cows come home...

Just showing you my colorful wrist game made up of Fuzzyknots macramé bracelets! Check them happy macramé knot accessories all here! They're my mom's creative project and she'd be thrilled to have you following here knotting journey there, if you're up for it, that's it. 

Thanks a bunch, lovely folks!

What do you think about when you're out for a walk? Tell me in the comment section! I love to know and also, if you love colorful bracelets, don't forget to check my mom's page out! :)

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