I catch the breeze in a zig zag top & blue denim skirt

Monday, October 30, 2023

I catch the breeze in a zig zag top & blue denim skirt

The time I spruce up my casual outfit with Fuzzy Knots summer macramé earrings and bracelet.

When the weather's not too hot/cold, this simple summer combo works.  It's just a pairing of a neutral black and white chevron print with a soft blue thrifted denim skirt and slip-easy thong sandals.

Nothing beats a casual OOTD on an evening to meet the cat in chief out by the porch. I wear a pretty neutral outfit with pops of colors in the way of Fuzzy Knots accessories, in the form of a single macramé knot bracelet and a pair of colorful macramé knot earrings

These very summer-worthy lightweight gems add a fun twist into the very neutral look. I think the colorful summer jewelry are super versatile when worn this way. After all, the outfit serves as a cool canvas for pops of brilliant bold colors that are the striking feature of the Malaysian-based Fuzzy Knots macramé handcrafted accessories!

If you didn't know already, let me tell you: it's from my mom's creative handicraft collection and she really surprises us all with her amazing knotting talent. See more or better yet, give her a follow on Fuzzy Knots official IG page

On my head, I wear a blue pair of sunnies that are playing the role of a hair band. Don't you just like resting sunglasses over the top of your head to have the hair out of the way for a moment? I know I do. Plus, I feel it's a cute look. And very practical during this season in Malaysia as the sun can come out at a very random time and it's easy to put the sunnies on when they're already on my head. At times, I do forget they are there and it's already night time. Hahah.

 Here's a little gif of me from old me:

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