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Sunday, November 12, 2023

The time the sunset on Diwali came with a huge rainbow and the skies a golden yellow and the outfit I'm about to show you has appropriate vibes to match the situation.

Hi folks, how are you? It's Diwali weekend over here in old small town Malaysia. The evening was especially stunning weather-wise as Mama nature was feeling sunny and rainy at the same time, so the resulting sky atmosphere was golden yellow with tons of orange and a big fat umbrella. I was completely overtaken by the sight but managed to keep my eyeballs on the road at the same time. Since it was a weekend and a Diwali public holiday on a mostly gloomy and rainy evening, the road traffic activity was far from hectic. 

Although this outfit that I'm about to show was worn on a different evening when I was feeling particularly whimsical and feminine, the color palette is an utter match to today's evening weather ambiance. Talking about the gloomy grey weather that is happening here right now, I must confess that I'm about done with the soggy spell. 

My scalp is about done with the continuously rainy situation. One side is flaking like no tomorrow and I'm loading up on hydration. Aging is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Now I can totally stand by that statement. Suddenly, the skin is different, the hair is getting thinner and the act of a sudden enthusiastic movement can inspire a shocking howl. Now, I know why my teachers in kindergarten made us warm up by stretching: It's because THEY needed that the most. #LOL

Aiden, sweet senior cat is resting on his cat mat while I type away and I'm really grateful that he's here being all angelic and lovely. A cat-shaped furriness sitting in close proximity is a gift from the heavens and he's in a napping mood. The loud noises (from celebrations) outside is definitely inspiring the sweet cat to stay in. I might give him a cuddle if he's up for it. 

Here's a photo of my mom's orchids to brighten your day:

Tonight's menu would be soupy because it's a weather that' perfect for stews, broths and a lot of liquid situation in the bowl. I'm going to use up the leftover moringa leaves, chickpeas, potatoes and carrots for a hearty bowl of almost-vege masala stew (still pondering what protein to drop into the broth). I don't know why but I love masala stews on sappy drippy nights like this. My idea of masala usually involves black pepper, cumin, coriander and paprika spices.

Find FuzzyKnots on IG for more fun macramé knot accessories made in Malaysia!

So about the outfit: it's actually a 'knitty' one. The long sleeved yellow crop top is of a knitted fabric and the burnt orange pencil skirt is too. The beautiful almost flowery earrings are a colorful leaf made of macramé knot. The vibrant colors just add an even more fun twist to the look. It's almost Diwali-inspired as it's colorful but this can be worn casually too. I adore the color-blocking vibe and the sandals are just studded dusty pink birkie-style slip on. It's the ultimate casual footwear for when you want the toes to be hanging out to catch the breeze to offset the warm knit situation up top.

Once the sun decides to come out and shine bright however, this outfit isn't as appealing to wear but I just wanted to get the casual femme ensemble captured for the blog. On a random note, here are some of my mom's sweet tomatoes. They are as sweet as her! I ate two. I swear I can eat another 10!

Well, that's it for now, folks. Here's my usual little gif to end this little outfit entry. I hope wherever you are, there's a little space in your heart that you'll allow to open for a little dose of joy, hope, creativity, strength and inspiration.

Till the next one, happy Diwali to those who celebrate and don't forget to meditate!

Let's look at the pretty macramé knot earrings once more, shall we? #lol

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