Good weather is excellent excuse for a brisk walk

Friday, December 1, 2023

Good weather is excellent excuse for a brisk walk

The time I show you my super casual airy walking ootd in old sunny but monsoony Malaysia.

The weather actually stayed nice and hot for three days after a mind-numbingly rainy spell. It's a reprieve from a certain soggy feeling one is inclined to get into when there's water dripping down every corner. I have developed a game of driving quickly to get to a different side of town where the skies are still clear to run away from the shedding clouds but alas, the weather follows and the umbrella is always the handy tool to carry around. 

Talking about umbrellas, the one that I'm currently using is grey to contrast against the hot sunny ambiance. It's a mood. This one's light so isn't practical when it's downright pouring. For that, I use a pretty sturdy umbrella to ensure that the umbrella head stays on upright while the pounding rain follows gravity.

Enough of my exciting umbrella talk, let's break the walking outfit down. I wear an old sleeveless cotton top in white and a pair of relaxed jogger style pants without the ankle cuffs because these ankles appreciate a flowy uninterrupted blood supply. I don't know why but pant makers should never forget that some people are blessed with a wider ankle size than others.

The pants are in charcoal grey. I wear a pair of laceless walking shoes with grey socks. My earrings are from Fuzzy Knots, my talented mom's macramé hobby passion project. Follow her page if you're interested in vibrantly colorful macramé knot accessories! These are statement pine tree earrings in green, perfect for Christmas or if you are a fan of trees in general.

As per usual, here's a bit of me in gif form:

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