Rain or shine the walking has to be done for this one

Friday, December 15, 2023

The time I spruced up my walking outfit to inject a little cheer on a quick monsoon evening walk.

Hi folks, it's me. I'm back. I'd been attacked by a flu microbe last week and have now been blessed with a muffled hearing. Some kind of ear and nose clog is happening somewhere in the center of my head. The fever's broken days ago but I have a funny noise in my ear when I get excited while talking. 

The throat was sandy for thankfully one day and my general appetite is great. I am thankful for that. I am also right in the menstrual week so sappiness creeping in with a touch of acute emotional sensitivity is par for the course.

The 'pain body' is well and alive at the moment. The pain body is, well,  a thing talked about by Eckhart Tolle. I know when it comes up but it doesn't really go away when I'm waiting for it to go. It's an affront the mind perceives and it takes over for the moment and to notice that it's there, is the first step to loosening the grip of egoic thinking that justifies having and holding on to this pain body. 

It's something we all experience. And that makes it a very relatable. Experiencing the emergence of the "pain body" just now triggered my recalling of past experiences of it. I noted that it feels the same every single time. The laid-back way to hang in there is to watch something funny, pet a cat, do a hobby, something that takes you into the present. As I have mentioned prior, I am at a point where it's that sacred time of the month being female, again. So, I'm just going to be with it instead of waving it off. Can't wave something off, anyway when it sits there intangibly. And it's my attention that keeps it there.

Hello, it's me holding my sports bag protectively for a pose. #lol

Well, that's enough of my intellectualizing moaning, let me divert the focus on something quite simple: a CUTE walking outfit on a cold rainy evening. I still go chase that little bit of sun in the evening even when the day's all cold, rainy and also humid(?). On this particular day, I wore a light blue chambray shirt over an elephant print top, blue walking pants and shoes. Spiced the look up with a grey umbrella and grey pine tree macramé knot earrings by Fuzzy Knots for an edgy Christmas vibe.

Random thoughts: It's that time of the month when it's low energy because I'm practically bloodletting. My brain works a bit mysteriously. I'm upset even when I'm happy. I'm happy while being sad. It's great. I'd like to think that spiritually, it's a way of females to detach from the superficial variables that Life inevitably comes at us. Whether it's good, not that great, neutral, terrible (depending on how one perceives something) our bodies are just NOT FEELING IT. So we can't rely on the usual outside factors that usually fine on other days. It's the time to befriend the quiet. And for me personally at this moment is quieter than any previous times of the months because I'm partially deaf from the congestion I'm experiencing with the flu. I did sit outside to absorb the bits of sun that decided to come through after bouts of long and winded rainy-ness. 

Anyways: I'm grateful to be able to compost this post ten days before Christmas! I hope you've taken yourself out for a walk if you're so inclined no matter where you are in the world. Thanks for popping by to catch my blog entry, folks and to Russian readers. I see you, Спасибо! :)

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See you in the next one. Peace. And go outside!

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