How I layer lightly for walking during the monsoon...

Friday, December 29, 2023

The time there's another walking outfit that's casual with a bit of layering because it is the monsoon.

It's another post from the blog before the year concludes itself. I am grateful to be here writing these words, staring dreamily at the computer. I'm feeling sleepy even though I just downed a cuppa instant mocha. Looking at Aiden, the chief cat napping away isn't' helping and the weather's that kind of weather where it's nice to place head on pillow and snooze. I had the most relaxing sleep yesterday and it feels like it's going to be another great one today. 

Can't wait to have my hair washed tomorrow though, because it's not really giving freshness today. I'm the kind of person who enjoys hair washes but then it takes forever to go through all the steps and then, I will be wishing that I keep a shorter hairdo. Which I might just, for now, keep in the back of my head. New hairdo to greet the new year of the Wood Dragon, why not? I'm still debating over here in the head space.

Anyway, there's this walking outfit I wore about two month back. If I'm layered up while outdoor in tropical Malaysia, you know the weather has a rare cold bite to it. This was in October and the cold spell was in the air and the clouds were a big menace to the sun. 

I wore an old dusty green tee with an ancient black leggings. Over the whole thing, I layered a soft chambray blue shirt. A sports waist belt by Karrimor graced the waist. On the feet, a casual slip-easy black walking shoes were the footwear of choice for the day. Over my eyeballs, a pair of retro oversized sunglasses in brown were there to protect my vision. I wear sunnies not just to protect from the bits of rays from the sun, it's also great for shielding from sudden grit attack a random breeze may bring. Another one reason for having sunnies on is to covertly watch people from underneath them. 

Folks, that is all for now. I have to cook eggs for a quick snack. But I'm also feeling like slashing off the length from my hair and get the razor out for a whimsical layering. I'm feeling like doing both. Not at the same time, of course.

Ending this entry, here's wishing you a fantastic wrap to this year and a promising start to the new year ahead. Merry belated Christmas and happy holidays to all. 

PS: I did it. Egg snack consumed. Hair's chopped and layered! And even washed and brush blown! Yay.

Here's a the outfit in gif form:

See you in the next one <3

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