When thinking ceases, we are being...

Saturday, January 20, 2024

When thinking ceases, we are being...

The time I wore an old green botanically-patterned dress for a casual summer day look.

Hi folks! It's the new year. Another year added to our collective lives. How do you feel about 2024 so far? It's been pretty productive over here with bouts of mind-numbing weather. Enough about the weather, I'm currently in an optimal state. The grey outside is not going to get me, not today! I will be doing a heart-warming tomyum soup with fish and eggs tonight. I'm looking forward to that.

At the moment, the fan is whirring behind me in the warm square where I find myself. Our cat, Aiden is asleep on his cat couch in the hall and the chief lady of the house, my mom is playing her fav game on her phone. 

I am thinking of something interesting to type but alas, I'm stumped. Let's just lean into this sweet silence instead. 

When thoughts aren't busy stringing themselves in our heads, we fall naturally into a state of neutral alertness. This state is very needed in minds that easily get entangled by their own making. The internet, to me, can be a reflection of these knots of thoughts that take on quite a life if we rest our attention on any point. The point is to rest in the pointless. Nothing to make a story about. Nothing to build a narrative about. 

So that when something catches our attention, it comes and then goes. In the grand scheme of things, WE come and then go. Our ideas matter for the split second that they do. It's easy to fall into a kind of fuzzy anxiety one associates with meaninglessness. But that's only because, we have a desire to matter in some little way. And indeed, we all are. But in stories, it's never going to be enough, isn't it?

Well, that's the totality of my pondering for now. On to the very important topic of this post: OUTFIT of the day. #lol

It's an old dress with shades of green and botanical print. I wore it casually with slip-easy sandals and accessorized delightfully with Fuzzy Knots macramé earrings and bracelets. The red leafy knot earrings add a pop of color that just goes with the green, IMHO. Also, with red lips, the excitement is quite endless. 

To end this post, here's a gif of me showing the cuteness of the macramé knot earrings and bracelets:

What do you think? Now that the print is up close, I'm feeling like it's kind of baroque. Indeed it is. 

Till the next one, take good care of your health, get under the arms of trees and breathe the sweet breeze of the open air.

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