I have fine type 2 hair and cut the layers myself

Sunday, February 4, 2024

I have fine type 2 hair and cut the layers myself

Hello world. It's time for me to talk about my hair. Nobody asked but I felt like sharing. 

My hair strands are way thinner than when I was in my twenties. It's called aging. I've always wanted hair strands that feel silky soft and now I have them but they can also be fragile. The thickness of my hair on the whole has decreased over time but I still have enough volume and I know the kind of hair style that works best to accentuate my natural waves. I have a natural type 2 hair with fine stands that they do require a specific cut to get the volume up. So far, going to stylists here in my town isn't that satisfying. To be on budget, I learn to do layers that work with my hair type and the style I always appreciate. It involves lots of layers on top. 

I have kept my hair in one length and it has a cool look too but I never quite got around to appreciate a one-length hair unless it's in a chin-length bob but even then I prefer some asymmetry to tease out my waves. The previous hairdresser was so apprehensive about introducing tons of layers to my hair that it reminded me when I went to another hairdresser back in my twenties and he just outright refused. The hair look that I almost always gravitate towards is a combination of a shaggy mullet that are not a go-to for the locals here I guess. Fortunately, thanks to YouTube, I found gals with hair like mine and they truly KNOW what's up. LOL.

Any mess-ups are usually not as obvious as on a naturally straight hair. The waves help greatly to blend everything together. I'd like to work with my hair's natural characteristics and of late, it's really a satistfying journey. I learn to use combs that are suited for when spreading products while the hair is wet. And also, how to detangle ang comb gently when my hair is already dry. I also use a blow brush at times to style my hair when the mood comes. It's always a nice feeling to give oneself an intentional hair spa after letting the hair be for days. I only shampoo after 2-3 days.

Now that I'm in my middle glorious years, taking care of my hair is something vital to looking put together. I had a wise hairstylist told me once that a messy hairdo on a young person couldn't be compared to the same style on someone of a senior age as it can come across as an inability to keep up with the keeping of oneself. Not to say that every young person is stylish but it's their youth that keeps that wild mane look 'fashiony' in appearance even if they just can't be bothered. An uncombed head of hair as I get older only translates into well, messiness! LOL

So folks, that's where my head space is now although I must say I love a carefree hair look on anyone regardless of age! It's hair, after all. Best to have it looking the way you really appreciate!

Enough about my hair, what about your hair? What type is it and what kind of hair style are you wearing at the moment? Do you go to the salon or cut your own hair? Share away below! I love hearing about people's hair journey.

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