Why this fringe hem kaftan dress is great for the crazy hot Malaysian weather

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Why this fringe hem kaftan dress is great for the crazy hot Malaysian weather

The time I slipped easy into a tie dye kaftan dress because of the weather...

Hi peeps! It's me again. Another hot day in tropical Malaysia listening to Jazz on German radio. LOL. I know it's random but since there's Open Radio, why not right? I love perusing the endless varieties of global radio stations just to feel the musical vibes from all around the world. The wind just opened my room door and I am sweating just from sitting here and typing away. Blogging has been quite a journey for me. I truly enjoyed the casual telling of a story, a bit of a mix journal writing with a rant. It's not quite like a vlog or a podcast. It's more of a silent therapy with fingers typing out words that feel right at the moment. 

I don't know why I am rambling about this but hey, let's now just go into the very vital outfit topic of the day.

My breezy kaftan dress! It's actually a gift from my brother and his wife when they went on holidays. (Thank you lovelies, they're the sweetest!) This tie dye kaftan dress is a total square/rectangle when it's laid flat. SO you get that airy kaftan sleeves where they're basically holes in a square. This one has a beautifully-hemmed edges. 

There is a neck tie detail that I believe is meant to dangle there (as pictured above). I've only started wearing the summer frock once out this year because of the scorching weather. It was somewhere in the overstuffed wardrobe so it felt like finding out a gift yet again. Still, an overstuffed wardrobe is not cute. I'm sweating thinking about it again but luckily the jazz music is distracting me and making me like dancing.

Anyway, the kaftan dress is in brown and green, kind of like the tree. And we all know how I feel about trees. I get really happy to be around them. So now, that there's this dress in the color scheme of the average tree, I'm certain I could successfully camouflage under one and spook people. But let's reserve that for Halloween, shall we?

That's all for now, folks. What do you think of this dress? Do you like kaftan dresses? How do you like wearing them? Share below because I'd love to know!

Lastly, here's a small clip of me frozen in time wishing you all a blessed leap year! Take care and see you in the next one.

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