Wear your cheongsam top with batik skirt like this...

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Wear your cheongsam top with batik skirt like this...

The time I show you how I pair a cheongsam top with a batik skirt.

Hi folks, how are you?

Today's entry has a touch of the tropics and the orient. With two elements coming together for a mix of a fashion fusion that celebrates the Chinese cheongsam and the Indonesian batik. It's a winning combo, truly. Instead of keeping it one print a time, I let it all go wild with a print on print situation because, hey, why not? Plus it is in keeping with the more whimsical traditional inclination to be blending a print with another. My late grandmas used to wear their home outfits this way with a cotton baju and long batik skirt. I'm just remixing this with a skater style brown floral batik skirt  and a cheongsam top that has ditsy floral in vintage pink.

Enough about the OOTD, let me excite you with my ramblings. I went for a hot day walk today early because I couldn't wait to absorb all that good sun (with protection, of course) when most people are running into shelters with AC or working long and hard in the AC concrete caves. It was windy so it wasn't that bad. But direct sun exposure for far too long is not advised. That's why I'm always with my umbrella and have my eyeballs protected and skin too because I'm trying to remain youthful as I age gracefully. 

With the heat going on pretty strong in tropical Malaysia, I'm all about keeping my hydration up. So, it's best to bring a giant water bottle so you can inhale all of that water but be sure to get some electrolytes into the body as well because when we sweat a lot, we lose a lot of electrolytes. Apparently. 

As for my oily face, powders have been a blessing. I'm always shiny from just seating and sweating so you can imagine the oil production when one is walking under the hot tropical sun in the quest to constantly be in touch with Mama nature. I'm not complaining because I usually get good skin in this weather and the hair gets quite shiny too. I just have to get properly nourished and cool. Why am I yapping about this? Well, it's something I have to prioritize as I grow older. And... heat strokes are not cute! It poured a little bit just now but now I'm wondering if it was from cloud seeding? Perhaps, it was. Even the weather is now contributing to my trust issues. LOL.

Well, that  is all for now, from me. As always, here's a piece of me kind of moving with Aiden, our resident angel cat:

See you in the next one! Or is it, see me in the next one? XD

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