Come to Malaysia if you want to exist and sweat BULLETS this time of the year + classic minimalist casual LOOK

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Come to Malaysia if you want to exist and sweat BULLETS this time of the year + classic minimalist casual LOOK

The time I thought I look chic in my casual blue & white ensemble and ramble on the current state of Malaysian weather.

Hiya peeps, how are ya?

I'm here back again with another OOTD. It's basically a rendition of a blue and white casual summer look that is very versatile. Anyone from all ages can sport any number of a soft blue and white looks so it's a basic foolproof look if you're aiming to look effortless and also CHIC.

I know, I love that word: CHIC. I use it a lot. LOL.

Weather wise here in small town Malaysia has been pretty scorching. It's the kind of temperature that makes the Malaysian society crawl out of their humid concrete caves to run into the shelter of artificially-chilled concrete caves. The heat outside gets HOT by ten AM these days, no kidding. If you're not equipped with AC, the salty sweat will come rolling down your skin like it's natural sauna for just existing. I have been drinking iced drinks, ice creams, cold desserts and that is a departure from my love for everything toasty during the cold monsoon stretch that now feels like AGES ago.

It was so hot one evening when I turned on the garden hose and the poor bees just came running to have a sip of water but the water was scalding hot. It's always best to let the water run first before using it immediately from the pipe to avoid a very acute SCREAM coming out of the mouth. I'm uncertain how the bees were feeling though :/

Late night when I sit out with Aiden, our chief cat, even birds are doing their night time flying because the weather gets divinely perfect after midnight with the mountain breeze sweeping across the valley but of late, there is a smell of chemical floating in the air that reveals something unpleasant: the haze season is back with a vengeance. I am not a fan of it as I'm sure no-one is but there it is. On a good note: It's also a season to hang around outside with the cat (and spirits) after midnight to catch the breeze if you're a midnight owl. 

By the way, I have had my hair cut into a bob (not depicted in the ootd pics)! It's quite fun and I think it suits perfectly with the deathly summer weather we're having here and I might keep it at that length until the weather drops its heat factor. For now, it's unbelievably fun to have the back of my neck out and about! And it doesn't take forever to have it dried and styled. The photos are from before I did my own DIY bob hair cut with the help of my sis to get it shorter at the back. It is currently looking like this:

What do you think? I have wavy hair so I'm actually quite confident hacking at my hair because it's a little bit more forgiving especially with my whimsical cutting strategy. #lol. Do you cut your hair at home? Share your thoughts! You know I love hearing from you.

Here's a piece of animated me to end this entry:

Till the next one, have a stunning day/evening where you are. Don't forget to put the phone down and stay away from the screen because LIFE in all of its wholesome 3D reality is right where you are without those gadgets!

xo <3

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