Brisk walking at a different park to escape the rain

Friday, April 26, 2024

Brisk walking at a different park to escape the rain

The time there's walking to be done but it's pouring so I get myself to a different park.

The gloomy season is here but it's also hot and sometimes very thundery. In between making content and running off into nature, I have been afflicted with a foggy head spell. It's one of those existential seasons that comes in and takes over but I am grateful that they do end. And then I'm bursting with quiet energy. On the outside it might not translate as much but that is all I need. 

Enough about that! Hello, hi, hey lovely cabbages! How are you? I'm here with another casual walking outfit. It's super neutral and basic and the main parts come from the closet when I least expected them.

You know how I keep a constipated closet. It's in need of decluttering as I have mentioned endlessly from almost a decade back. Hahah. So whenever I'm interested to surprise myself, I go to the edges of the stuffed wardrobe to find something that's begging for immediate attention. Usually, when the wooden door happens to have an issue with fully closing or when the main often-worn pieces of clothing just won't do.

So, this top was located by the edge of a tall messy clump of clothing and it was in black and has great fabric of the thicker variety. The grey cropped pants too appeared a while ago and surprised me because there were in a superb condition. These two make up for the main pieces of my walking OOTD.

The walking shoes are from Puma in blue and they're super comfy and cute (not viewable in the pictures, sorry lol). My feet enjoy feeling like they're constantly hugged. The spectacles are thrifted from Shopee. They are quite lovely for when the day is overcast but I still want to have that hopping-to-library aesthetic.

Here's an animated me to end this entry:

That's all for now, folks. See you in another one. Wishing you all a wonderful day/evening ahead and that you go outside when you get bored being inside! <3

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