I identify as an unknown particle + how I do retro dressing for fun

Sunday, August 21, 2022

The time I wear something my mom used to wear but even she forgets when that was and how she even got this shirt.

Hiya friends, how are you?

I'm back here with another outfit post. It's a retro one.

This shirt is from the Narnia of mom's closet. Very abstract, very fun. It's collared, buttoned and holds a roomy shape. The clay earrings are from my sister's experimental earring collection. I love the zig-zaggy style and color blocked vibes. 

The sunnies are in a retro shape. Believe it or not, I use this for driving mainly because of the polarization. It's awesome. It lends a nostalgic feel for when you look out into the distance. Kind of like filters for driving to take you back in time. 

The vintage shape of the glasses drove me to give the style a try but on my long face, it elongates it even more hahah. If you have a small face, then this particular style would look super adorable on you! If you don't mind the face real estate looking particularly extra spacious, you could also wear it actually. 

The belt is an add-on to this simply retro outfit. There are shorts worn to complete this 80s summer getup.

I don't know why but I prefer the sunglasses to be huge so they would cover most of my eyes and cheeks. I am also glad I got these shades because I didn't know that orange-red filter is amazing for increased visual capability on the road.

The rain has finally quietened here. I am in hibernation mode. I hope the sun will come right back up tomorrow. Perhaps, some of the rain should head on over to Europe. And some of that sun should come here. Come on mother nature, let's have some weather swap action. 

How's the weather where you are at the moment? Let me know in the comment section because you know I read them and will respond! 

See you in the next entry! Till then, take care. Move your limbs. Have a laugh. Take yourself where you feel like going!

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